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The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation

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The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is a specialized program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective and safe skincare products. This comprehensive course covers a range of topics, including ingredient selection, formulation techniques, regulatory compliance, and product testing. Curriculum Highlights: - Introduction to Skincare Ingredients: Gain a deep understanding of various raw materials used in skincare products, including botanical extracts, emollients, humectants, and preservatives. - Formulation Techniques: Learn the art and science of blending ingredients to create lotions, creams, serums, and other skincare formulations tailored to specific skin types and concerns. - Regulatory Compliance and Safety: Explore industry regulations, quality control standards, and safety protocols to ensure products meet legal and ethical requirements. - Product Testing and Evaluation: Understand how to conduct stability testing, efficacy studies, and sensory evaluations to ensure product effectiveness and consumer satisfaction. - Packaging and Labeling: Learn about appropriate packaging materials and labeling requirements to ensure compliance with industry standards. - Market Trends and Consumer Preferences: Stay updated on the latest trends, consumer preferences, and sustainability practices in the skincare industry.

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AED 2,500.00


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